Too many of us are stuck grinding away in dreary, unfulfilling careers

It seems there’s never enough time to connect with family, work itsn’t fulfilling, and there’s only just enough money to pay the bills.
Grasshopper Soccer Franchisees Team 
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The most successful and largest kids soccer franchise business model in Australia, Grasshopper Soccer has been nurturing fit and active children since 1990 across Brisbane, Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Launceston, Newcatle, Townsville and many more locations throughout Australia. We also operate in New Zealand, Mexico and the United Kingdom!

Grasshopper Soccer is an award-winning kids’ soccer franchise

Our franchisees can earn a great income through a rewarding business, while receiving extensive training and support at every step. Over 60 franchisees are making a difference across Australia by bringing the joy of sports to children and their communities.

Imagine a different way of living.

Control over your day, without a commute, boss, or stressful mornings. Waking up to work that you enjoy – and that doesn’t drain your health. Having time to enjoy a slower pace of life, focusing on the things that matter to you. Free at last from the day-to-day grind.

Have what it takes to change a child’s life with the gift of sport? While making a great living & having fun at every step along the way?


Access your free introductory business training. We’ll give you a video breaking down every part of the business in detail, including what you can expect to earn in your first year, second year, and further years as a franchisee.

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Grasshopper Soccer is a proven systemized busine