Frequently asked questions


My child is 2 and half years old, can he enrol in your programs?

Yes they can as our programs are not actually age specific. They are mainly used a guide so children can interact with other children with similar soccer experience and skill level.

When you say parental involvement, does this mean I have to play a full game of soccer?

No. Your job is to guide and encourage your child, and just have a great time with them in general. The physical involvement is minimal.

What clothing and footwear should my child wear to the classes?

We recommend children wear the Grasshopper Soccer shirt and shorts, however any comfortable shirt shorts or alike can be worn. In regards to shoes children can wear any sports shoe, sneaker or football boot.

Is Grasshopper Soccer a soccer club?

No. Grasshopper soccer is a non-competitive soccer organisation focusing on helping children develop their skills and have fun.

Do the children actually play matches?

Yes. In all of our micro programs we play non-competitive soccer matches where the focus is not on winning and losing, but on all children getting involved and improving their skills.

Does Grasshopper Soccer run indoor or outdoor programs?

Grasshopper Soccer runs programs both indoors and outdoors depending on your location.

Can make-up class be done if my child misses a class?

Yes, most definitely. Please call your nearest centre to find out the best time to make-up a missed class.