Please checkout the fantastic Grasshopper Soccer Merchandise available at all locations across Australia. The items in this shop are for DISPLAY only.

To order any of these items please find your nearest location by clicking here 

Once you have found your location click on shop and you will be able to purchase your merchandise and pick up directly from your Grasshopper Soccer Location.

AUD 10.00 each Kids Kit Bag
AUD 25.00 each White Soccer Ball
AUD 15.00 each Mini Ball
AUD 20.00 each Kids Toy
AUD 15.00 each Hat
AUD 15.00 each Shin Pads
AUD 6.00 each Sweat Bands
AUD 20.00 each Gloves
AUD 99.00 each All in one Special
AUD 89.00 each Soccer Special
AUD 15.00 each Kids Socks
AUD 6.00 each Pencil Case
AUD 12.00 each Water Bottle.
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