It’s important to give children the opportunity to do well in life. They need to be guided and helped with their schoolwork, nutrition and leisure activities in positive and thoughtful ways to help them experience success. Of course, at Grasshopper Soccer we are passionate about teaching and educating our kids in both soccer and life skills.
The following ten tips should help parents to develop their kids’ basic soccer skills at home, so they can feel confident playing with their GS teammates on the field.

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Soccer Boots - what should you buy?

You’ve signed your little darling up to Grasshopper Soccer for the term and bought the uniform but now have the challenging task of finding some soccer shoes. With so many options available to you, which ones should you buy?

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Respecting Referees

Football is a beautiful game, but sometimes even beautiful things turn ugly. We’ve all seen international games where the players and supporters have yelled abuse at a referee’s call – it’s not pretty, and it is teaching our kids that that type of behaviour is acceptable.

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