10 things every parent of a soccer player should know

10 Things EVERY parent of a Soccer Player should know!

  1. Soccer teaches failure – in a good way!

Soccer is an exciting and physical sport. Dreams can change from good to bad or bad to good in seconds. It teaches kids hard work from start to finish and lets them learn the foundation of a hard work ethic. By allowing your kids to get out there and learn from individuals other than you can teach skills that will last years past their youth soccer career.

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20 ways to entertain the kids these holidays


School holidays are almost here and Grasshopper Soccer has a special present for you. A list of 20 things kids can do on their own, or with a parent or caregiver, that should help you survive (and even have some fun) until the holidays are over.

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Is your child feeling stressed?

Stress is a result of the demands placed on us and our ability to meet them. These demands often come from outside sources, such as family, jobs, friends, or school. But it also can come from within, related to what we think we should be doing versus what we're actually able to do. It can affect anyone who feels overwhelmed — even kids. In pre-schoolers, separation from parents can cause anxiety. As kids get older, academic and social pressures (especially from trying to fit in) creates stress.

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