6 reasons we love Grasshopper Soccer

Do you spend ages each week searching the house for missing shin guards, soccer socks and hurriedly making flasks of coffee in order to sit on the sidelines to watch your young ones chase soccer balls around? Let's admit it: Soccer can be time-consuming, anxiety-inducing and even costly -- for kids, parents and coaches alike. It can also be loads of fun.

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School Holiday Soccer Tricks

The school holidays give your kids the perfect opportunity to have some fun with their soccer balls and learn new skills: time. With no school to eat up their day, your little Ronaldo’s, Pele’s and Beckham’s can focus on learning some tricks.

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A Grasshopper Soccer Birthday Party scores goals!

If you want to celebrate your child’s birthday but don’t want your house full of excitable kids, a Grasshopper Soccer Birthday Party is for you!

Our fantastic parties are filled with fun, learning and loads of games. You pick the location – it could be a nearby park, school oval or even your own backyard – and let your child and their friends experience an action-packed birthday party.

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